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Best 4K TV Buying Guide: Looking to make the jump to a 4K TV? We have the definitive list of the eight best UHD TVs right now.

This is a list of the best 4K TVs you can buy right now. These are the most advanced (and sometimes most expensive) sets on the market, and they represent the pinnacle of what’s possible in home cinema. Alternatively, take a look at our Best TV page, which includes some of the older (but still excellent) models. Many of these have been significantly discounted and are now a bit of a bargain.

Read on for a brief explanation of 4K TVs, or skip past to see our best 4K TV recommendations.

Upgrading your TV is a bit of a minefield. There are plenty of new terms and acronyms out there, none of which make your purchasing decision any easier. So here’s a handy guide to TVs – specifically the latest 4K models that are now in every TV store.

First, let’s talk about names. While most people say ‘4K’, some call it ‘Ultra HD’ (or UHD for short). For TV-buying purposes, they are just different names for the same thing.

4K TVs have four times as many pixels – the tiny dots that make up the picture – than Full HD TVs. When you cram more pixels into the same screen sizes, your picture ends up much sharper and clearer, and you can really appreciate the extra definition and detail. Many say 4K TVs can almost appear as if they’re in 3D, even when they’re not.


Panasonic has a new batch of TVs. Whether you’re after a big 4K and HDR OLED model for the living room, or a smaller HD LCD unit for the bedroom, there’s something for everyone. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about Panasonic’s 2017 TVs.

We have details of every model in the range for the year, I’ll go through each one and explain their differences below. Where possible I’ve also included our first impressions of a few models, based on previews from various trade shows – or full reviews, if we’ve been sent one to test. Check out the links under the individual descriptions.

Panasonic 2017 TV Model Number Guide

  • EZ1002 (EZ1000 outside the UK) – 77 and 65 inches
  • EZ952 (EZ950 outside the UK) – 65 and 55 inches
  • DX902 (2016 model, continues in 2017) – 65 and 58 inches
  • DX802 (2016 model, continues in 2017 – 58 and 50 inches
  • EX750 (EX780 in Europe) – 75, 65, 58 and 50 inches
  • EX700 – 65, 58, 50 and 40 inches
  • EX600 – 65, 55, 49 and 40 inches
  • ES500 – 49, 40, 32 and 24 inches
  • ES400 – 49, 40 and 32 inches

A quick way to decipher these numbers is as follows:

  • Panasonic is using ‘EZ’ to label its premium TVs, the 4K OLED models
  • ‘DX’ is for the top 4K LCD LED models from 2016, which will continue into 2017
  • ‘EX’ is for the 2017 4K LED LCD models, a step down in the range
  • ‘ES’ is for the lower tier models going up to 1080p

I’ll look at all those new TV models in a bit more detail later on, but first here are 3 important facts about all Panasonic’s TVs in 2017.