LG:42LM6690 – 42 Inches Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV

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Enjoy a true 3D cinematic experience right in your home with the LG 42LM6690 42″ 3D LED LCD TV. Just put on the lightweight and battery-free 3D glasses and you can enjoy 3D movies and videos. The flicker-free 3D display of the television prevents blurring and displays videos in Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can even control the depth of 3D or convert 2D to 3D for an incredible experience.

Apart from great video quality, the 3D LED TV also offers you 3D audio output for complete entertainment. Its 3D sound zooming system, in conjugation with its virtual surround, enhances the multimedia experience. Featuring Intel WiDi technology, this Full HD TV connects to your laptop or PC wirelessly. This smart TV can upgrade the resolution of the content with its resolution upscaler technology.

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The television industry has witnessed a drastic transformation in the recent years on the basis of design and technology. LG has been one among the consistent developers who stood behind this phenomenal transformation. The LG 42 Inches Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV 42LM6690 is such a classic TV that promises the users to handover topnotch visual experience inside the domicile. The 3D enabled smart TV is a lucrative offer for people who wish to enhance their drawing room beauty.
Design and Display Technology:
The black colored 42-inch LED HD 3D smart TV is slim and sober in appearance. The television is complemented with LED Plus backlight technology coupled with Advanced IPS LED LCD Panel. This hi-tech specification boosts up the clarity and picture quality of the display. Without stand, the LG TV weighs only 12.5 Kg and can be hanged on the wall at any position of the room.
Picture Quality and Performance:
Unparallel HD display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels doubles up the display quality. The contrast, picture and sharpness are intelligently managed by the technology working behind the TV set. The LG 42 Inches Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV 42LM6690 is furthermore advanced by 3D depth control, Intel Wi-Di, 3D image correction, contrast optimizer and many more up to the minute technologies. The Dolby digital sound system with 3D surround zooming plays a crucial role behind the sound system.
Connectivity:The connectivity features include the LG 3D 42-inch TV includes 3 USB port, 4 HDMAports and other input-output ports.
During the standby mode, the LG 42 Inches Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV 42LM6690 consumes only 0.5 W of power. Additionally, it requires 50-60 Hz, AC 100-240 V Hz power for flawless operation.
Other Features:Nonetheless, some additional features have made the LED TV out-of-the box. Smart energy saving, child lock, inbuilt camera, intelligent sensor, closed caption and some others are notable in the TV.

LG 42 Inches Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV 42LM6690 Specs

Features: Camera (Ready/Built-in), Closed Caption, EPG (SI – 8 days), Input Labeling, Intelligent Sensor, Key Lock/ Child Lock, Smart Energy Saving
Power Supply: 50-60 Hz, AC 100 – 240 V Hz
Display Features: Full HD Features
Functionality: Cinema TV Units, Smart TV Units
Warranty: 1
Display Type: LED
Screen Size: 42 Inches
Connectivity: HDMI, USB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Number of selectable Picture Modes: 7
Selectable Sound Modes: 7
Number of Speakers: 2
Audio Output: 10 Watts
Color: Black


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